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Thank you to all the following attendees for the feedback!

All the following information has been gathered from our official feedback forms which are handed out and returned on every course we run. Last names are hidden due to data protection.

We are very proud of our 2016 feedback statistics - so before the feedback you will find the statistics below!

Trainer Ratings Year 2016 (average): 593 - 10/10 Ratings, 27 - 9/10 Ratings (620 Ratings in total)- Extremely positive & successful

Course Review Year 2016 (average): 574 - 10/10 Ratings, 46 - 9/10 Ratings (620 Ratings in total)- Extremely positive & successful

We had less than five reviews with lower than 6/10 Ratings, zero 7/10 ratings and nine 8/10 ratings (not included in the ratings above)

Thank you for all your help. Had a brilliant day :) - Emma H

Amazing course!- Lauren M

Melanie was a fantastic trainer, very good day! - Katherine J

Mel was great, I couldn't have asked for a better trainer! - Eleanor J

Best course I've been on. Feel much more confident! - Grace P

Learnt a lot today & really enjoyed the course. - Carol S

Excellent course! Learnt lots! Fab practicals. - Nicki J

Absolutely fantastic, all round good fun - Thomas B

10/10 all around! Loved Caspar :) - Lucy M

Best training I have been on! - Rhianne C

Very well done. Needs to be accredited for sure. - Rosie P

Fantastic, Im so glad PC have trained us in canine first aid. I now know how to save a dogs life and I'm so greatful for it! :) - Emma H

Amazing! - Jennifer M

Really looking forward to learning feline first aid too! - Lisa C

Excellent, very good day! Learnt a lot! - Damien W

Really enjoyed it - Brought up issues I was unaware of, Worthwhile! - Helen W

Very well run! - Amy H

Incredibly informative! Trainer very passionate and able to convey information in an easy to understand way - Lucy M

Made me feel confident and willing to act upon a potential incident. Extremely useful. Proud to be part of it - Thank you Mel! - Matthew T

Very interesting, useful information! - Sarah G

Please offer refresher courses later on - David J

Very informative, good to know what to do in an emergency to help a dog - Hayley S

Brilliant course to take. Will be useful for any work incidents. Feel confident in using what I've learnt. - Lauren E

Fantastic course, brilliant trainer. As a dog owner I feel much more confident about helping an injured dog and being able to potentially make a real difference. - Charlotte K

Brilliant course, thoroughly enjoyed & very interesting - Chris W

Fantastic course - alot learned! - Jayne H

Trainer was fabulous! - Michael D

Very informative and exactly what is needed. - Ian K

Fantastic! Very interesting and valuable. - Mary V

Really enjoyed it, Mel was great! - Jessica P

Thought the course was really good and learnt a lot. - Scott S

Great Day, Highly Recommend! - Ria E

Great course, great trainer! - Tim R

Would like refresher training - Keira S

Excellent course. Wish I'd done this years ago. Such a brilliant opportunity to help me improve how I care for my dogs who are epileptic. Thank you very much. - Joanne W

Mel is a great trainer, very interesting course! Happy to have learnt this course. - Leonie T

Really enjoyed and knowledge base - Debbie B

Trainer and course very good and informative - feel confident about first aid now!- Louise W

Great course! Bring your dog next time :) - Bethany B

Really enjoyed and learnt a lot! Look forward to book release. - Sara S

I did a degree in animal behavior and it had a canine first aid module in there - I must have done atleast 10 hour sessions. Considering this was shorter and no real dogs - this was brilliant and easy to learn and is exactly canine first aid :) - Christy R

I really enjoyed today. Thank you. - Jessica W

Fantastic course and Mel was fab!! :) - Abi R

Enjoyable course - Really happy to be given the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you. - Michelle S