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The Canine First Aid Company

Our Story

The Canine First Aid Company Ltd has been successfully running for five years but this has been the strangest year ever (dire actually) and like so many others there is seemingly a light at the end of the tunnel. We are back and offering our courses from July onwards. We had two courses before lockdown – Successful Completion Certificate for the dog owner and a formal CPD Standards Accreditation – we were the first to offer an Emergency Canine First Aid Accredited Course in the UK. We have worked during lockdown with iPET Network to build iPET Network qualifications – the first proper qualifications in canine first aid ever!! There is the one day iPET Level 3 Canine Emergency First Aid qualification and there is the two day Level 4 iPET Network Canine Emergency First Aid in the Workplace qualification. These are the only two canine first aid courses regulated and listed by Ofqual as qualifications.

Our courses have trained dog lovers and dog professionals in canine first aid – Duty of Care to our dogs – whether it be our own beloved dogs or those who run dog businesses and care for dogs. DEFRA introduced rules and regulations that state that a canine first aid qualification is required in order for dog businesses to run with a license. Canine First Aid is all about knowing what to do in the case of a canine emergency situation – and also about what NOT to do. We teach everything you need to save your dog from – CPR to shock position, from recovery position to bleeds, poisons, heatstroke, – and so very much more (see our website for course contents.

Our primary aim is to provide a first class canine first aid training experience and to develop long term relationships from which both our clients and C.F.A.C. build trust, momentum, regular communication and a mutual understanding which is beneficial to everyone.

A professional, experienced and compassionate canine first aid training company with a desire to provide lifesaving skills for our dogs to as many people nationwide as possible. The canine first aid skills learnt and practised can make the difference between a life and death situation whether it be out and about or in the home immediately following an accident or medical emergency. Our mission is to support our canine friends as we would our human counterparts. Our dogs have as much right and need for these vital first aid skills as humans do. We work closely with vets who support canine first aid and recognises the importance of our first aid involvement. Canine first aiders are the bridge/chain of survival before we can get to professional vet’s intervention. We work nationwide, including Ireland and Scotland, focusing solely on delivering the finest quality canine first aid training courses to canine businesses, individuals who work with dogs and, of course, dog owners.

Our Team

Our training team is built on, first and foremost, the love and respect we have for our canine friends. We are all highly experienced and have provided canine first aid in many different situations and managed difficult situations prior transporting the dog to the professionals – vets. Our team are well-versed in running interactive and fun courses even though the content is serious – there has to be an element of enjoyment. Our crew use their experience and skills to ensure the delivery of excellent training and customer service to all our clients.

Our Work

We work with many different dog environments across the UK. The largest and most prominent client we have is Pets Corner (now including PamPurred Pets). Together Pets Corner and CFAC teamed up to train their 1000 staff members in Qualsafe Awards human first aid at work and emergency canine first aid. This is the first time any company has taken canine first aid so seriously which has triggered BBC radio interest and interviews and the Daily Mail report.

Our other many clients include dog hotels, dog training companies, creche’s, dog walkers, pet shops, to name but a few. To see the list of our trained doggie clients and customers, please take a look at our website. All companies that complete our training hold a “CFAC Certification Rosette”.

Our Aim

How are we different?

ON SITE TRAINING – We often work onsite at our clients’ premises to reduce the impact on staff – at times to suit, 7 days a week. For any on-site training we give 10% discount.

VENUE TRAINING – We organise training at venues for clients and customers who don’t have the space and would prefer an off-site location.

COURSES ADAPTED TO YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT – We adapt our courses to include training specific to accidents and incidents that may occur your dogs in your particular environment.

PRACTICAL SESSIONS – Our courses are designed to optimise the training time by using interactive techniques to demonstrate the handling of various medical incidents and accidents. We have canine manikins to ensure the training is as complete and as real as a situation you may come across with your dog for CPR purposes and learning how to find a pulse.

POST TRAINING SUPPORT – All attendees can continue their learning through our App which was launched April 2016. Within this App – we provide a 24/7 support backup for those that may require additional assistance in the event of a situation occurring or just a shoulder to cry on. There is a small cost to the App, and we donate a % to the charity Canine Partners. We also send out a company newsletter monthly with updates – RE poisons.

EXPERIENCED TRAINERS – Our trainers are all from a canine background, having worked with dogs and lived with dogs. They have many years of experience in managing canine emergencies.

ACCREDITATION – We have recognised the need for an official, regulated and respected qualification – so to this end we will be launching our Accredited Certification at the end of May 2016.

CLIENT CUSTOMER COURSES – Once we have trained our clients with canine companies, we then invite the client to get their customers involved and host customer courses. 10% off any funds spent on courses by their customers, will be given back to the company hosting the course.